• An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale struck Yogyarkata Province on Saturday 27th May at 5.53AM local time.
  • According to Indonesian Government reports, it has been estimated that the Jogya Earthquake in May has caused USD$3.1 Billion damage.
  • Chinese news service Xinhua is reporting that approx. 16,000 people have become permanently injured as a result of the earthquake according to a local hospital official. 200 people are totally paralyzed in one hospital alone.
  • Government agencies estimate it will take two years to rebuild homes for the displaced population. There is a need for transitional shelter on a massive scale to bridge the gap, as over 300,000 people still lack adequate shelter.
  • Government and NGO’s are distributing emergency tents and tarpaulins at an average rate of approximately 5,000 per day. At this rate, it will take 45 days to reach 100% coverage.
  • On the 14th June, rescuers wearing heat-retardant clothes dug through volcanic debris trying to reach two people trapped in an underground emergency shelter. Five other villagers were unaccounted at that time.
  • Local building supplies are increasing in price dramatically. Bamboo for instance, raised 20% in price in one week.
Death Toll 5,778
Total Injured 37,883
Homeless Population est. 200,000 – 650,000
Homes Destroyed 139,859
Total Homes in need of repair 468,149

Last Updated 19/7/06; 11.30am AEST Source: U.N. OCHA SitRep No.18

Field Reports from Partner Organisation

Latest Field Report, Thursday 1/6/06 5.50pm via SMS

We have heard that people have started to fight and take food by force because of their hunger. It hasn’t been with our team though. Some areas still have no food, and the hungry people become violent and begin to plunder from people. That is why we are trying to go to the remote areas, to the people who have received no help. Most of the villages don’t have electricity.

Our teams are investigating – looking for areas with 50-100 families that have been overlooked by other aid agencies that are distributing only to the large refugee camps with hundreds and thousands of people.

SPECIAL UPDATE Thursday 2/6/06 3.32pm via Email

Latest news we are getting is that there are now riots/knifings because there is a real shortage of food now. We have sent a couple of trucks and will be sending some more. milk powder for babies is also desperately needed.

Previous Field Report, Thursday 1/6/06 12.00pm via Email

27th May, 2006 ….two days after Ascension Day, an earthquake rocked Jog Jakarta (Central Java, Indonesia) and the surrounding villages. The epicenter was two kilometers out to sea from Parangtritis and the quake measured 5.9 on the Richter scale.

These are the facts we all became aware of on Saturday morning as the news spread around the world.

Indonesia cries once again…

FTH Emergency Response

FTH is Working with a local Indonesian partner organization, so instrumental and critical to our previous Tsunami relief efforts in early 2005.

We are distributing aid and ministering to the broken spirits of the survivors throughout the region.

Four teams were dispatched immediately into the disaster:

  • A team of intercessors
  • A team of pastors
  • A medical team with an ambulance, doctor and paramedics
  • Food transport with enough emergency rations to feed 1000 families

Each team brought as much aid, as they could physically carry. Families are receiving food packs containing rice, noodles, oil, soap, clothing, baby formula, and children’s toys and whatever medical aid they can provide. But most importantly, they are providing prayer, counseling and sharing the Gospel to every single person.

FTH Australia has already sent enough funds to buy another 5000 food packs, but these rations will last only a matter of days. We need your help to sustain the survivors longer.

Please pray for Indonesia. Seek the Lord about whether to give financially, and as you are led, to give generously to the Java Earthquake Appeal.