Indonesia has suffered torrential rains since December 25th 2007. This seasonal rain has exceeded the capacity of rivers and has cause widespread flooding and landslides.

Regrettably these has resulted in the deaths of 83 people and 39 people still unaccounted for. 20,387 houses and 9,324 hectares of crops have been affected in mainly central Java.

FTH will partner once again with Hana, our Indonesian Ministry partner.

“I am sorry to trouble you again, but our resources are limited and Indonesian is like a ‘supermall of disasters’. However, we believe God is at work in our country. In spite of all this, he opens doors for us to shine His light and love. We need your support because I heard the need is great.” – Hana

10/1/07 – FTH Appeal Letter released

Click here to view the January 2008 appeal letter for this disaster.