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Automatic Donations - Terms and Conditions

Donations can be debited directly from your bank account or credit card.
FTH accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

issued by Feed The Hungry Australia

I (insert name) authorise Feed The Hungry Australia to arrange for (Specify amount) to be debited from my credit card I bank account on the 15th day of each month. This authorisation is to remain in force perpetually until I contact the office and cancel. I understand and acknowledge it is my responsibility to ensure that clear credit is available in the nominated account on the due date.

Terms and Conditions for the Automatic Payment Arrangement

These Automatic Payment Arrangements Conditions apply to you, and form part of your agreement with us, if you agree to donate to us through an automatic payment from your credit card, collectively referred to herein as an “Automatic Payment Arrangement’.

Feed The Hungry Australia’s commitment to you

– We will not change the amount & frequency of the Automatic Payment Arrangement without your prior written consent.
– We will keep information relating to your nominated credit card account, confidential, except where permitted by law or required for processing credit card payments with your credit card provider and for a related query, dispute or claim.
– We will take reasonable steps to protect personal information held by us against loss and against access, use, modification or disclosure that is unauthorised.
– Each Automatic Payment Arrangement payment will occur on the due date notified to you, the fifteen of each month. This process is handled automatically through the Banking system. If unsure, ask your financial institution or credit card provider for details.

If a last resort event occurs in respect of which: our charity status with Federal Government is suspended or revoked; or our right to provide charitable aid is suspended or terminated, then we must immediately cancel the Automatic Payment Arrangement and notify both you and credit card issuer of the cancellation.

Your commitment to Feed The Hungry Australia

It is your responsibility to:

– ensure your nominated credit card is current and valid and the credit card details and cardholder’s name are accurate;
– ensure there are sufficient clear credit available in the nominated account to meet the Automatic Payment Arrangement payment on the fifteenth of each calendar month;
– advise us of any reduction in the credit limit, changes to the card details or suspension or cancellation of your card;
– check the amounts debited in your account statement provided by your credit card issuer, as if there are insufficient credit in your nominated account or you gave us incorrect account details, you may be charged a fee by your credit card issuer due to the fa iled or incorrect payment.

Your Rights

At any time you may alter, defer or cancel the Automatic Payment Arrangement by writing to us at
PO Box 168 Liverpool NSW 1871 or [email protected] or phone 02 9600 8551.

Please allow at least 7 working days notice before the due date of a payment to: stop or defer the Automatic Payment Arrangement; suspend future Automatic Payment Arrangements; alter any details on the form authorising the Automatic Payment Arrangement; or cancel the Automatic Payment Arrangement completely.

If you cancel the Automatic Payment Arrangement, we must accept your notification (and no longer rely on the Automatic Payment Arrangement authority) and must also use best endeavours to notify your financial institution or credit card issuer as soon as practicable after the cancellation.

Where you consider that an Automatic Payment Arrangement has been initiated incorrectly, you should contact Feed The Hungry Australia on 02 9600 8551. If you are not satisfied with our reply, you should contact your financial institution who will investigate.

Other Information

The details of your Automatic Payment Arrangement are contained in the form authorising the Automatic Payment Arrangement. We may require that your instructions to stop or in any way alter the Automatic Payment Arrangement are given to us in writing. We may cancel the Automatic Payment Arrangement at any time and will do so if two consecutive Automatic Payment Arrangement payments are dishonoured by your credit card issuer. In addition to changes we make, the Automatic Payment Arrangement is subject to change by credit card issuer.

Currently donations to Feed The Hungry are not Tax Deductible.


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