100,000 Children Every DayFeed The Hungry is excited to share with you our vision to feed 100,000 hungry kids every day in 2014—a 60% increase from last year. It’s a bold target but, with God’s help and your support, we’re confident we can hit it.

Through years of growth, we now have the infrastructure in place to be able to distribute food to very large numbers of children. And now, we just need enough financial support to finally make the dream a reality. That’s where our Every Child Every Day program comes in. It makes it easy for supporters like you to be part of this vision by giving a regular monthly amount.

Every Child Every Day is one of the most effective ways to rescue children from the grip of hunger. By giving a regular gift each month, Every Child Every Day Partners help us accurately plan for the future… and we trust that God will do amazing things through partnership with friends like you!

Your support has already made a real and lasting impact in the lives of so many of the world’s poorest and neediest people. Throughout the last year, help arrived at just the right time for thousands of families in need, and many children now have the chance to break the poverty cycle through education and long-term support.

Some of the incredible ways your gifts have made a difference include support provided in the following countries:

North Korea: You helped provide 543,690 pounds of soy seed to desperate families living in remote rural North Korea, one of the world’s most underprivileged areas. The seeds have been planted and harvested, and families are enjoying the fruits of your gift and their labor. The harvest of nutritious soybeans came just in time to help them get through another winter.

Uganda: Your support enabled us to feed thousands of refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where war, poverty, and sexual violence have made life unbearable. Because of the strength of your support, we have never had to turn a hungry child away. However, with conditions still difficult for so many refugees, we will continue to provide food for the hungry in Uganda for the foreseeable future.

Cambodia: God has used your gifts to help transform the lives of children in the Kampong province over the past six years. These children have grown up in a nation burdened by decades of crippling poverty. Millions of people have suffered terribly from hunger and violence at the hands of their own government, and parents struggle to afford to feed their own children. But because of your commitment to Feed The Hungry, many young Cambodians now have enough food and are seeing hope return.

Burkina Faso: Over 2,000 orphans and other children in this Muslim-dominated area have received vital help because of your generosity. In an environment where radical Islam is growing, Feed The Hungry has had the unique opportunity to share the gospel with many young people through word and deed. Together, we are making an impact for Christ in spite of the insecurity caused by extremists.

Philippines: With wind gusts up to 235 mph, Typhoon Haiyan left the central Philippines ravaged, killing thousands and leaving many more missing. Your support helped us provide lifesaving relief aid to families in Cebu, Leyte, and Tacloban. Over three million desperately needed meal rations have been distributed to those who had been affected.

We’re so grateful for your commitment to those who struggle daily to find enough food. Thousands of people in desperate circumstances now have enough, simply because you stand with them. We look forward to partnering with you in 2014 as we seek to feed 100,000 children daily, and continue to let them know how good a full life feels!